I want to experience the Silk Road myself, is that possible?

Yes, you can! We recommend the following befriended travel agencies:

Iron Horse Nomads

Iron Horse Nomads. Central Asia is our specialty – Vehicles are our expertise. Tours & Car Rentals.

Our English-speaking staff will work with you to design a trip that is as unique as you are. Rather than working off of a template for each tour, we talk with you to determine what interests you most and then develop a customized plan for your trip. This plan remains as flexible as possible allowing last minute changes and often even changes during the trip. Our goal is for you to get the absolute maximum out of your trip.

Uaz Buhanka Rental

Uaz Buhanka Rental We are offering new and older UAZ Buhankas for rent here in Kyrgyzstan, the Land of adventure!

We rent out 4×4 Uaz Buhankas. They are set up for overland adventures throughout Central Asia. It’s the best secret from the former Soviet Union! They come with live axles, 4×4, and low range. You can take it to some crazy places full of adventure, and it will fit all your friends. Plus, you can use it as a tiny house on wheels. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we’ll answer right away!

Tailor Made Expeditions [Dutch]

Tailer Made Expeditions organiseert avontuurlijke camperreizen naar bijzondere bestemmingen. Met maximaal 10 campers en ervaren reisbegeleiding kunt u reizen door onder meer Marokko, Rusland, Mongolië en Zuid-Amerika.

Een van onze bestemmingen is de legendarische Zijderoute door Samarkand, Bukhara en Khiva. We reizen door Letland, Rusland, Kazachstan, Kirgizië, Oezbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenië, Georgië en eindigen in Turkije.

Deze bijzondere reis waarbij we ook Iran aandoen wordt in 2021 weer gereden. Deze overlandreis is er één voor de echte reizigers onder ons want dit soort reizen blijven, hoe goed ook door ons voorbereid, altijd een avontuur. Het onbekende wacht op ons!

Ala Too Travel

Ala Too Travel​ will take you through the unique nature and rich culture of Kyrgyzstan. We offer a wide range of possibilities to discover this beautiful country in a way that fully matches to your personal wishes. Our experienced local guides will take you along the mountain landscapes and nomad villages, colourful valleys and Central Asian architecture. The tours of Ala Too Travel are organized by us, a Dutch-Kyrgyz family, we will ensure you will get in touch with the local people in a comfortable way. This way you really get to know Kyrgyzstan.

The unspoiled nature, the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people of the Kyrgyz Republic are authentic to Kyrgyzstan and are part of a fantastic holiday.

We believe it is important that nature is respected responsibly and respectfully, and in addition the fundamental culture remains valued. Therefore, we minimise the negative effects on nature and the environment as much as possible. In addition, we ensure that locals, guides, drivers, homestays and yurt camps can benefit from your arrival.

Taigan Expeditions

Taigan Expeditions is an educational consulting and cultural-outdoors adventure travel company, based in Kyrgyzstan in the heart of Central Asia. We offer unique trekking and custom-crafted cultural learning experiences in a fascinating nomadic environment, where millennia-old traditions may not be merely studied, but lived.

Contact us at jwstamp@taiganexpeditions.com and let us know how we can address your travel needs. Presuming I am not in the field, we can arrange a custom travel package for you, along with a price quote, usually within 5 business days