Handbags Ikat Adras

Documents, daily stuff and even a 13″ laptop fits perfectly in this bag.
The bag comes standard along with a little key holder and make-up bag.
An adjustable and removable shoulder strap is optional.

Totebags Ikat Adras

Documents and daily stuff fits perfectly in this bag!
The bag comes standard along with a little key holder.

Notebook & Tablet Sleeves

This is in everyway a superb product, the quality of the fabric and leather, it’s colors, the eye for details. Knowing that it is completely handmade by local craftsmen – and not in mass production in a factory somewhere – who earn a good wage just adds to the joy!

The Netherlands

Clutch Wallet

Beautiful. Original. Functional.

With sufficient space for your phone, keys, bankcards and money this Ikat clutch-wallet organizes your essentials in a stylish way!

Crossbody Bags Ikat 

Minimalist designed

I love this bag so much, this is classic white and black colors with special pattern, surprisingly matches most of my outfits. I almost wear it everyday, so it is very good value of money to me!
Mrs Lee

Hong Kong


Straight from the Silk Road delivered to your doorstep!