Product Care 

Congratulations on your purchase! We would like to inform you and give you a few tips about leather, felt and Ikat and the maintenance of your precious purchase. In the information below we only speak about bags, to improve readability. Of course it also applies to our other items.


Leather is a natural product
For our leatherbags we make use of top grain- aniline plus leather. Leather is a natural material. You may therefore find scars from insect bites, thorn scratches or horn bumps, neck wrinkles, coarse pores or grain texture differences in the leather. This is the natural charm of leather and makes your leather bag unique and gives it its own character. You can also easily learn to distinguish real from artificial leather, also called PU or Genuine Leather. More about our leather, please check our FAQ-page!

Nonchalant effect
A new leather bag may look a bit stiff and tight in the beginning. However, after using your bag you will see that the leather becomes smoother and more beautiful. Folds can form, which will give the bag a nonchalant effect.

Maintenance of leather bags
Leather is a beautiful and durable product and with normal use and regular maintenance it will last for years. Dirt, grease, moisture, perspiration and sunlight can damage your precious leather bag. Regular maintenance prevents premature wear and color differences. You can enjoy your leather bag for years with little effort.

Prevention of long-term direct heat
It is best to avoid applying your bag to UV light and heat for a long time, such as direct sunlight, near a radiator or near a hot stove. In this way you protect the color and flexibility of your leather bag and prevent the leather from drying out.

Wipe regularly with a cloth
For daily maintenance, it is sufficient to wipe the bag with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is free from soap and chalk. Wetting the cloth serves only to remove dust from the bag and not to wet the leather. Important: prevent the leather from being soaked with water! If your leather bag gets wet, do not use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry it. Carefully wipe away excess moisture and allow the bag to air dry. If you apply heat, the leather tends to warp.

Care with leather-care-products
Without proper maintenance with the right product, your leather bag can dry out, causing stains and / or cracks. This is clearly not covered by the warranty. It is important to take care of your bag at least twice a year with a protective leather care product. Choose a leather-care-product without solvents which is suitable for our leather (top grain – aniline plus leather). If you doubt seek assistance from a leather care professional (like a leather bag and shoe shop or your local shoemaker).


Felt is durable, dirt- and highly water-repellent, however not fully waterproof. In case you still need to clean the felt; first bristle it with a very soft bristle brush. A baby brush works best. Don’t rub. You can then carefully rinse it with luke warm water and some (soft) soap. Lay flat, on a towel, to dry. Use a cool and dry iron.

We advise the following methods of maintenance:

  • Dry stains and dust: vacuum occasionally
  • Wet spills: directly blot with dry cloth or paper towel. If necessary, rinse with cold water and blot again until dry.
  • Grease stains: clean with K2r
  • Pills (small felt balls): cut them off with sharp scissors. The sharp cut will prevent the felt from forming new pills.


Ikat is a term for a fabric, which is hand-dyed using a resist dying method and handwoven on wooden looms using the century’s old traditions of ikat weaving. The ikat weaving traditions have been passing for generations from a master to an apprentice, from a father to a son. Each inch of the fabric is a mix of a humble work interwoven into the ikat pattern and a resulting tactile luxury.

General guidelines for taking care of Ikat:

  • Prevent the Ikat from being soaked with water.
  • Avoid applying your bag to UV light for a long time, such as direct sunlight.

In these ways you protect the fading off the color of this beautiful handmade and historical fabric which deserves your best attention and care!

How to clean a stain?

Since many Ikat textiles are dyed without the chemical agents that pollute our environment, there can – and often will be – some color runoff when you clean or wash it. 

As our items contains leather parts (straps, zippers, etc) we recommend to just carefully wipe with a damp cloth the specific stain. 


Though we do our very best to make our products with excellence and quality, there is always the possibility that something accidently happens to an item. For this reason each item has 3 months warranty.

If the item is broken within this period please contact us by email ( and together we’ll find a suitable solution for the problem: either you can exchange it for a new copy (if available) or repaircosts – for example done by your local shoemaker (please provide us an invoice) – are on our behalf. This applies to seams, stitches, zippers, rivets and pushbuttons.

Our warranty does not cover an item if it has been misused, damaged by an accident or if liquid has discolored the product. Please note that any alteration to the item, unauthorized by SiRo, will void the warranty.

Items made of leather: leather is a natural product. So this reveals all natural characteristics, such as neck wrinkles and fat lines, irregularities in the grain structure, variations in softness, and healed minor cuts and scratches. These natural variations you see on the surface of your leather item is another guarantee of authenticity! SiRo doesn’t count these natural irregularities as shortages or failures of our items.