Located in the heart of Central Asia SiRo is a Dutch startup selling handmade, high quality bags and accessories.
Using local artisans we craft beautifully practical pieces of bespoke portable storage from traditional materials including leather, felt and Ikat Adras.

Connecting Cultures

In ancient times the Silk Road connected the East to the West and vice versa. In the same way we love to connect people living on the modern-day Silk Road, and share their culture with the world.

There is so much beauty in their rich heritage, it’s our aim to show more of it.

Ancient crafts like the weaving of Ikat Adras or the making of felt are applied to contemporary bags, and cases for tablets and laptops.

Caring for People

By making use of only regional materials as leather, Ikat Adras and Marino-felt, SiRo stimulates the local economy.

In our efforts to care for the people we work with, all items from SiRo are made using fair-trade principles.

It’s fair for the artisans as they receive a fair price for their work. Because we contribute to their social fund, and pay taxes, it’s also fair for the government.

Finally, it’s fair for you: you’ll have a masterpiece for a good price!

Creating for You

In the beginning God created. Being made in His image, we love to create too!

As well as providing employment and much-needed income to our artisans, all our products are 100% Dutch quality and design (thanks to the help of many others!) They are also 100% handmade in Central Asia.

Because many of the materials – like Ikat Adras – are only available in small quantities, all our products are limited editions!