Straight from the Silk Road delivered on your doorstep: from Kyrgyzstan we ship our items all around the world. All items on the website are basically in stock and are ready for shipping within 3-5 working days. Customized items like the additional shoulder strap or personalized products like the bracelets are made after you’ve placed the order. In that case it takes 5-7 working days for an item to be made and another 3-5 days to ship. If your order is ready SiRo will inform you by email. When SiRo confirms your payment, a notification by email will be send with a copy of the shipping documents.

All our items are shipped with standard Priority Mail by Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP). This has proven to be a reliable, low cost way to ship internationally. Usually the delivery time is around 10-14 days. The official delivery time for KEP products is 10-30 business days. Considering the worldwide shipping process, several days of delay are possible.

In our effort to keep shipping costs low, we ship our items in used – but good quality! – cardboardboxes. Better for the environment and better for your wallet!

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for incorrect shipping addresses – we ship to the address you will give us by email/given in the order form – refunds for your order can not be made due to this.

SiRo is not responsible for lost or damaged mail item, however we will always try to solve any problems occurring during the ordering and shipping process.

DUTY and VAT (Dutch: BTW en invoerrechten/douanerechten)
All our items include Kyrgyz sales tax. Please be aware that you might be charged DUTY and/or VAT TAX (Dutch: BTW) on your package. Please check your country’s customs Duty Rules. SiRo is NOT responsible for any extra CUSTOMS fees or impounding from your country customs on INTERNATIONAL orders, nor any Taxes the package incurs due to your country’s customs or Vat.


  • Invoer- cq douanerechten: items worden per stuk verzonden met een gewicht tot 5 kilo en een maximum waarde van €150,-. Hierdoor is er in geen geval een plicht om invoerrechten/douanerechten te betalen.
  • BTW: over items met een waarde boven €0,- kan 21% BTW geheven worden. Om deze BTW daadwerkelijk te innen rekent POST NL €7,- (€4,- bij online betalen) inklaringskosten. De kans dat uw pakket er ter controle door de douane wordt uitgehaald is aanwezig. SiRo heeft daar geen inspraak op en kan er ook niet verantwoordelijk voor worden gehouden. Wel hebben wij met de vaststelling van de prijzen rekening gehouden met deze eventuele BTW-heffing en de prijzen hierop afgestemd (lees: verlaagd).  

Meer informatie over een pakket ontvangen uit het buitenland:


Living and working in a developing-country can sometimes give some challenges. Just to name one: the payment-systems – like PayPal and/or iDEAL (Dutch) – we are used to in our Western countries don’t work here in Kyrgyzstan. Interesting, how then can you, as customer, pay? It’s been a challange, but we found a solution!

The order can be paid in (€ )Euro, ($) Dollar or (KGS) Som. Accepted payment methods are:

VISA or MASTERCARD: For this we make use of Pay Box Money: this is a convenient, reliable and worlwide payment-system which we have been using with great satisfaction for years now! Some things though might work a bit different then you are used to.

  • Keep the following in mind when filling in the bank card info: the card holder name MUST be ONLY LATIN LETTERS WITHOUT ANY SYMBOLS as [.] . For example don’t write [L.E. ATHER] but [LE ATHER]. ALso where your phonenumber is asked ONLY NUMBERS WITHOUT ANY SYMBOLS as [+] and [-] are allowed. For example don’t write: [+31 53-1234567], but: [0031531234567]
  • As our business is based in Kyrgyzstan please note that the amount in the end will be shown in KYRGISH COM [C] and not in the Euro’s or Dollars. This amount corresponds exactly with the value you have seen in Euro (or Dollars) when you placed your order. So please don’t worry when suddenly this – for you – unknown valuta pops up on your screen 🙂
  • For more information about PayBox Money you can have a look at: www.paybox.money/us_en

BACS: Apart from paying by Visa or Mastercard, we wanted to give our customers the option to make the payment DIRECTLY into our business-bank-account. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. IMPORTANT: by using BACS extra bank transfer costs can be charged by your bank. Please contact your bank for any further charges or fees.

Payment must be made in full and have cleared before the item is shipped. If you are having any issues with payment please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you in any way that we can!

Vanwege het feit dat iDeal niet werkt in Kirgizië en betalen via BACS (banktransactie) extra (transactie) kosten met zich meebrengt is er de mogelijkheid om met Visa en Mastercard te kunnen betalen. Voor deze service maken mij gebruik van PayBox Money. Dit is een eenvoudig en betrouwbaar betalingssysteem dat wereldwijd werkt. Een aantal zaken werkt echter net wat anders dan u gewend bent met b.v. iDeal. Onderstaande punten helpen u zodat de betaling zonder probleem verloopt:

  • Hou bij het invullen van de bankgegevens rekening met het volgende: de naam van de kaarthouder mag ALLEEN LATIJNSE LETTERS ZONDER ENIGE SYMBOLEN zijn als [.]. Bijvoorbeeld niet [L.E. ATHER] maar [LE ATHER]. Ook waar het telefoonnummer gevraagd wordt, gebruik daar geen symbolen als + en – . Dus niet: [+31 53-1234567], maar [0031531234567].
  • Daar ons bedrijf gevestigd is in Kirgizië, wordt het uiteindelijke geldbedrag in Kirgizische valuta, com [C], weergegeven en niet in Euro’s (of indien van toepassing in Dollars). Dit geldbedrag in COM komt echter exact overeen met het door u eerder geziene bedrag in Euro (of Dollar) welke ook van uw rekening wordt afgeschreven. Dus geen nood als u het geldbedrag daar plotseling in de lokale valuta ziet staan!
  • Meer informatie over PayBox Money kunt u zien op: www.paybox.money/us_en

Toch nog vragen? Schroom niet om contact met ons op te nemen! Een mailtje kan gestuurd worden naar info@siro-silkroad.com

If for any reason you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible at info@siro-silkroad.com We will make every effort to cancel.

However, if your order has already been fulfilled (shipped), we will follow the Returns guidelines.

In case your item has not been delivered after 45 business days (60 days when item was shipped in November or December) we will replace your item. We do ask you to be patient.

Though we do our very best to make our products with excellence and quality, there is always the possibility that something accidently happens to an item. For this reason each item has 3 months warranty.

If the item is broken within this period please contact us by email (info@siro-silkroad.com) and together we’ll find a suitable solution for the problem: either you can exchange it for a new copy (if available) or repaircosts – for example done by your local shoemaker (please provide us an invoice) – are on our behalf. This applies to seams, stitches, zippers, rivets and pushbuttons.

Our warranty does not cover an item if it has been misused, damaged by an accident or if liquid has discolored the product. Please note that any alteration to the item, unauthorized by SiRo, will void the warranty.

Items made of leather: leather is a natural product. So this reveals all natural characteristics, such as neck wrinkles and fat lines, irregularities in the grain structure, variations in softness, and healed minor cuts and scratches. These natural variations you see on the surface of your leather item is another guarantee of authenticity! SiRo doesn’t count these natural irregularities as shortages or failures of our items.



  • We do our best to photograph the work accurately – please keep in mind that the image color may appear differently according to your computer screen.
  • All our items are unique and handmade. Minor variations in size and color are normal for all of our handmade items.
  • Leather is a natural product. So this reveals all natural character- istics, such as neck wrinkles and fat lines, irregularities in the grain structure, variations in softness, and healed minor cuts and scratches. These natural variations you see on the surface of your leather item is another guarantee of authenticity!

This being said: in the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase we can refund or exchange the item – the item must be unused and in saleable condition with the original packaging. How does this work?

  • You have the right to return the product within 14 days after your received the purchase.
  • Please contact us before you do so. This is important. We do not want customs to charge us for incoming taxes and custom fees for a returned product.
  • You will be reimbursed for the price of purchased items ( invoice minus shipping cost). We will pay back the amount after we received the purchase in good condition (as stated above).
  • You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  • When an item is being returned to us, we are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.
  • All “SALE ITEMS” are final.
  • Customized items cannot be returned. Exception: In case there is a problem with the construction or size.

If there is a problem with your order that is the result of our error (like failures in zippers, stitches, rivets and pushbuttons), we will do every effort to find – together with you – a suitable solution for the problem. See  Product care & Warranty. Please note that when you order the wrong size or color, the return cost are on you.

Please send us your claim within 3 business days after you receive your order by sending an email to: info@siro-silkroad.com